Rediscovering Me

Rediscovering Me –
I can’t believe how much I’m looking forward to this either… the ‘meals’ and drinks… it’s like my body is waking back up after a semi-coma slumber. As though I have been moving through sludge… struggling to get out but clueless as to how, and now I’ve begun the process of climbing out of that pit with a set plan and the proper set of tools to actually do it.

I CAN’T WAIT!!! WooHoo!!! 🙂 Continue reading

How could you grow a garden in a small space plus do a compost pile and still have a yard?

The answer my friends is a Keyhole Garden. It is a brilliant idea that apparently has been used for some time in Africa for gardening and composting.

As spring draws near I find myself once again turning to the idea of a nice, green, vibrant yard full of trees, bushes, flowers, herbs, and veggies. I have a pitiful, pitiful yard and have for some time. I have a horrible time attempting to grow anything, I believe I have a “Black Thumb” while all my relatives have “Green Thumbs”, but when it comes to knowing how to use the stuff I’m tops. 🙂 LOL
I know a lot about herbs and spices, both for medicinal and cooking usage, and I’m a wiz in the kitchen  for just about anything, cooking wise,  but I can not grow a thing. This type of garden, though,, appears to be something I could do, and possibly get it to work for me.
I want an herb garden, flowers that can be used for more than just beauty, and veggies with some fruit trees and vines around the yard. Basically I want my own little spot of “Heaven” and this idea for a garden would solve a few things for me.  YaY 🙂
This is a New Year’s Resolution, to have a compost pile and small herbal/veggie garden. We’ll work on the fruits and expanding the veggie part next year, maybe. LOL

I’m a horrible procastinator. There always seems a reason for not doing it or thing that stands in the way of it happening now. This I’ve decided has to stop concerning my “little slice of Heaven”. If you’ve ever cooked with fresh herbs then you understand why I want an herb garden. If you’ve ever looked at just how much stuff that can be recycled or turned into compost is thrown out a day by your family then you can see why I’d like to put a dent in that by doing composting.    When you compost you throw in newspapers (really any papers), cardboard, scarps of veggies and fruits. Just a little water is needed to keep it going and some earthworms. From all of this you get a continuing flow of food for the garden. The garden doesn’t take up much space and would work in pretty much any yard as well as looking fine instead of as an eyesore, IMO.
A common reason for most people in a city, suburb, town setting is that they can’t do things due to it being against the rules of where they live and it can’t be an eyesore. To me a garden is not an eyesore. It’s much more useful than grass and if you’re in a cramped space then it’s much more practical, but that’s not what the community seems to think. To me nothing is more beautiful than an old colonial English garden. These gardens can be small or huge. It all depends on the space at hand and what you want to plant or grow. I do not see how doing these types of gardens could be an eyesore, nor do I see how using a keyhole garden ( as your starting point ) could be bad. But that’s just my opinion.

The Colonial (Revival) Garden has some wonderful symmetry to it. You have separate areas to plant things in, each area encased with a box-type hedge or white picket fences. Herbs, flowers, fruit trees and bushes, and veggies each find a home in the layout. There are paths that wind through the whole and in the center you usually find a sundial, and seriously… Who doesn’t love that? You could put in arbors, gazebos, little garden bridges, just about anything you want to and it will still be beautiful.
The Colonial Garden has spanned time and while it started in the 18th century it has evolved and stayed. It is alive still and while a traditional Colonial English garden would be different, the Revival garden  keeps that spirit and merges it with today’s likes and desires. Truly this is my desired garden and I can’t wait to have one all to myself, well I’ll share with family but it’ll be my relaxation/get-away spot.

As an added interest, while searching for links to put in, I came across a project for kids to do as a school project. Here is that link -> Design a Colonial Garden.
How wonderful is it that kids are being introduced to gardening and history at the same time. I love that. My son’s school, NVVA, puts Art with History so that the lessons coincide and he learns so much more while having lots of fun with the projects. It’s a wonderful idea, and I would love to see more of that in schools. I believe that kids would learn better when the topic is being reinforced by two areas, and fun.

Here is an article that i found as well that tells how they created a Colonial Garden for a customer. It is wonderful and informative. I hope that you’ll enjoy it as well. –> How to Create a Colonial Garden

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Many Blessings and Take Care,