What’s up with the Metallic Tattoos?

What’s up with the Metallic Tattoos?

Well…. I’m hooked.  Who doesn’t love the sparkle and shine of anything metallic or blingy?           Before we drop down into the Tattoo Rabbit-Hole, why don’t we talk about what a tattoo is? For some people … Continue reading

Fun Summertime Contests

We all enjoy playing games of chance, from the little kid trying to win that goldfish to the big dog rollers in the VIP areas of Las Vegas casinos. I guess that is why at every carnival, town gathering, or county fair there are games of chance for all ages, and the ones that seem to always pop up for adults are the drawings for different items. I’m a sucker for these because the ones I usually see are helping pay for something, helping kids go on educational trips or a family pay for hospital fees they aren’t able to pay alone for various reasons.

Well here are a couple of fun drawings that popped up and would be extra fun for you to enter. One is to win the role of “Mystery Hostess” for a  Lilla Rose party. The other is for an item from Pampered Chef that would please the chef or baker in your family.

As the “Mystery Hostess” you would receive the perks of hosting a party and none of the hassle of actually having a party. This drawing appears to have the deadline of July 18th and the rules of the event are as stated –

The “Mystery Hostess” party does not have a Hostess yet, instead the Hostess will be drawn from the number of entries received and then will be able to enjoy the perks of being the “Hostess” without the hassle of a party.

Rules – There is a possibility for 5 entries, perhaps more.
1) 1 entry for a ‘like’ for my fb website, www.facebook.com/CSmithLillaRose
2) confirmation of attending this fb event,
3) confirmation of following me on twitter, @LRcSmithTPC
4) 1 entry for Your order
5) an added entry for each person that YOU invite & places an order.

Also, don’t miss out on this month’s awesome new flexi. 🙂 Place your orders now –


The other drawing is much closer at hand, July 9th so if you want to enter it needs to be soon.  The rules for this are quite similar to the ones stated above –

The winner for this drawing will come from the # of entries received. You have a given possibility of 4 entries, but you could easily receive 5 entries, or even more.

Rules –
1) 1 entry for a ‘like’ for my fb website, www.facebook.com/ChristinaSmithPcConsultant
2) confirmation of following me on twitter, @LRcSmithTPC
3) 1 entry for Your order
4) an added entry for each person that YOU invite & places an order
5) and of course, 1 entry for “joining” the event

Also, don’t miss out on this month’s free gift with order. 🙂 Place your orders now –


So, these are two contests I’ve come across and I hope you’ll enjoy entering them 🙂 Good luck 🙂

BTW, I own some Lilla Rose flexis and I can honestly say that they DO work for ANY hair type; I have thin hair and use an x-small or small. There are some videos on the website that can help you to figure out what size flexi you need for the type of hair you have and what style you plan to put your hair in. I warn you though, these are highly addicting and oh so cute. 🙂