Today…. I was bitchy.

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It’s my Day 3!!! :)

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Say Hello

to a “Healthier Me”. Today is the 24 of July and I started my ’10-Day Celebrity Transformation’. I decided, after looking up a lot of things and reading many more items, that this is probably my one shot to being … Continue reading

My 2015 New Year’s Resolutions

Every new day is a black page to be wrote upon, each chapter a new year. What you wish to fill those pages and chapters of your book with is up to you.

Every new day is a black page to be wrote upon, each chapter a new year. What you wish to fill those pages and chapters of your book with is up to you.

Recently I was approached by the admin of Beautiful Outlaws about joining a group on Facebook that she had set up. The idea she has for this group is “helping each other succeed in our New Year’s resolutions”, a group to help eachother stay motivated, and to be the “cheerleaders” for eachother. She asked each of us to introduce ourselves and to state what our goals were for the year. This was not a hard request, but it did make me realize that I hadn’t even thought about them. I had no goals for the New Year. Now that I sat and thought about what I should do, all of the choices I had of things to focus on was a little too much. So, I chose to simplify and go with the basics and build from there. Everything needs a strong foundation first, right?

For 2015, I’ve decided that my goals will be to write more, concentrate more on my health, learn to accept help from others, and to be more open.

Obviously you can see where my priorities lay, or perhaps it’s that I’ve already subconsciously decided which I can achieve and which are most likely not to succeed. Allow me to show why these are my choices.

  • Starting with one of the hardest choices of my goals: Be More Open.
    Being open about myself has never truly been easy. I’ve always said that I am an open book, and to an extent that is true, but I’ve never been truly open about my thoughts and feelings with others, unless they were in my “inner-circle”. So it is my intention this year to work on that openness.
    I’ve also chose to work on being more open in concerns of communication. I can communicate rather well, but I do not always do so. It is hard for me to just call someone out of the blue to just talk, writing a letter “just because” (I was a horrible pen-pal), or instigating a random conversation online. The odd thing about this, however, is that I can strike up a conversation with anyone in person, dropping by someone’s house out of the blue just to visit is not hard, but when it comes to doing so behind a paper & pen, phone call, or computer screen it’s another story. Therefore, it is my intention to work on this type of openness as well.
  • Next would be: Accepting Help from Others
    I am not very good at accepting help from people, nor asking for it. Even when I am at my wits end and breaking apart, I have an issue with reaching out to ask for help. I’ve gotten a little better at it since losing my mother last year, and for a little before then because of needing help with my kids while I took care of her, but it is still enormously hard for me to do this. If I am to lessen the stress in my life, I must learn how to do this. Therefore, it is a continuing goal that I am working on.
  • Concentrate More On My Health
    As a couple of you may know, I have very poor health. I have a couple genetic health issues, as well as others that I was diagnosed with at 16, that I am dealing with. I have a genetic disposition to blood clots (they are not fun, nor is the hospital stays), clinical depression (something I’ve dealt with for a long time but is only a recent diagnosis), anemia (low iron), and hypothyroidism. I’ve decided that if I am going to start feeling better, being sick less, and have any possibility of losing weight then I have to start doing my own research and figuring out what works best for me. I need to figure out what foods work best for me, what ones I can eat a lot of or need to eat less of, and what ones I need to keep an eye on. There are certain foods I cannot eat because of medication interactions, inhibiting thyroid function, and can raise the possibility of clots. I also have a hard time absorbing iron so I have to be aware of foods that can help with that.
    I need to keep a record of how different anti-depressants make me feel and keep a record of how I feel (emotionally, highs or lows, anxiety levels, ex….) and why. I need to make and keep as many appointments (blood-work and such) as I can.
    I need to pay more attention to meditation, and “me time” instead of allowing them to fall to the side. I need to begin Pilates again, regularly. I need to concern myself only with those whom care about and love me, not those that wish to harm me.
    All of these things will help me to become a healthier person, inward and out.
  • And finally: Write More
    Oh the many things I wish to write this year. The many things I wish to do with my writing.
    I wish to complete my manuscript for the book I’m working on. I wish to post to each of my blogs at least once a week.
    It is my desire to entertain and help with my writings. To give people a place to come for help without judgment, to tickle someone’s sense of frivolity, to allow for a place where someone may learn something new or open their eyes to another idea which would allow them to look for their own answers. There is so much and so little that can be done with writing, and I wish to tap into, and use, that endless possibility this year.

These are my goals for the year and I will endeavor to work on each of them. I may not complete any of them, because I do not believe that any of them could truly be completed except the manuscript, but by working on all of them I will become a better person.

Have a wonderful week my lovelies and a wonderful New Year.
Blessings & Warm Wishes,

YaYa 😉

What are your goals this year?
Do you have a support group to assist you?

Who are You?

The Most Creative Act you will ever undertake is The Act of Creating Yourself

   As the image states above… “The most creative Act You will ever undertake is the Act of Creating Yourself” .

   So what does that mean?  To me it says that we all create ourselves into the people we either want to be or think we should be, and sometimes into who we believe others think/want us to be; but in the end, We are the ones that make the choices.

   So how important is it to our creation of self that our perception of ourselves is untainted/not influenced by our peers? To me it is very important to the process. For better or worse we create ourselves according to what we have been taught is proper and valued.

   Our views and values of the world and self, including how and when we start our life with another person is created by our peers. For better or for worse we are the creation of others and very rarely do we have the ability and courage to re-create ourselves into someone who we truly love and want to be. An unfortunate thing since the world’s perception of ourselves shouldn’t matter but the perception of those we love and cherish, including yourself, should be whom we wish to make happy.

   The only person we should ever change for is ourselves, and as long as we have an excellent network of friends and family to support us we become that beautiful butterfly that is our creative soul bursting free of the shackles that society has put upon us. Yes, we do make the choice at first to allow the shackles to be put on because we believe that it is how we are supposed to live. We then, at a later date when we are teens or adults, either make the choice to keep these restraints or to shuck them off and create our own sense of self with our own value systems, be they right or wrong by our peers standards we grew up with.

   There are also the people whom, after marriage and either before, during or after children, realizes that they have wish to change whom society and peers say they are and re-create themselves into whom they truly are. Sometimes this is a true change, and sometimes this is just realizing that they don’t wish to be shackled to the same old same old but wish to be the creative soul that has bounced around until caught in a cage and hidden away because it just wasn’t proper anymore.

   I’m not speaking of an evil or hurtful change or of someone leaving their children and just running off because of this self-realization, I’m speaking of just letting that tiny little voice that you’ve told to be quiet speak up and allow yourself to be the artist within. Allow yourself to put on a cute little crazy hat and go for a walk in the rain because YOU love it and want to. Allow yourself that simple pleasure that you’ve been told to avoid because it just isn’t proper and right. Be Yourself, not the Stepford-drone.

Become Your True Self

In the end, the butterfly or the caterpillar, is our choice of self and our choice of who we want to be, and right now I believe that there are a lot of people whom are in the metamorphic stages of creating themselves anew.  I hope that someday soon all will be their own butterfly and we all will spread our wings to fly on wings of choice and creativity.

Lots of love and Hoping this helps someone,

Ya-Ya 🙂