How do you protect your Comforter?

I bought this as a possible bedding solution to the wear that my multiple dogs put to my comforter (and in the winters, down quilt), and because I love the feeling of soft sheets.
I honestly had never even thought of this before, and I don’t think I’ve actually heard of this type of product before it showed up in the review group I belong to.

Let me run down a few reasons why I like the Duvet Bedding Set:

  • It was super easy to use and the instructions were extremely clear on how to use the duvet cover.
  • The two Pillow Shams were very easy to use and cover the pillows with.
  • I liked the tone of the colors available.
    Here’s a few of the ones I liked:

    • Sage Green
    • Chocolate Brown
    • Taupe Sand
  • The texture of the cover and the pillow sham coverings are incredible.
    My autistic 7yr old comes in to lay down and just runs his hands over the duvet covering because of the softness.
  • The color is not harsh, but goes wonderfully with the color scheme in my room.
    I think any color would work well, as they are beautifully made with wonderful colors, but muted so as not to take away from the bedroom scheme.
  • Extremely easy to wash, and dry.
  • I mentioned dogs earlier… this has helped wonderfully with keeping the shedding off the bed, and keeping the bedding nice beneath.
  • I love how they are packaged! So easy to open and remove the products, and store them again when changing them out.
  • They come in more than one size. You can get a set in King (which I own) all the way down to Twin!  I’ve even seen Cali-King in the sizes!

Honestly, I could not find a fault with this product.
Unless the desire to own more could be considered a ‘Con’.  😉 My kids are even begging for their own sets in full and twin sizes.

Here is what the company says about the Nestl Bedding Duvet Cover:

  • Luxury Soft Duvet Cover. Simply slip it over your comforter, duvet insert, or alternative down comforter sets. The Duvet Cover is very useful, it will protect your comforter and is super easy to remove and wash.

  • King size luxury duvet cover 3pc set measures 104″ x 90″ inches. With button closure. Includes 2 pillow shams 20″ x 36″ inches with a 1 1/2 inch flange. Also available in California king, queen, full, twin sizes.

  • This luxury bedding collection is made of the highest quality double brushed microfiber strong linen for years to lasts. Fabulous selection of vibrant dyed yarn solid colors will make your bedroom look like a celebrity home.

  • Special easy care. Fade, stain, shrink and wrinkle resistant. Machine washable in cold, dries quickly on tumble dry low temperature. Hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, environmental friendly and resistant to dust mites. Microfiber material is cool and breathable and more durable than cotton.

  • Free 100% satisfaction guarantee included. At Nestl Bedding we stand behind our products. Our #1 goal is to provide you with the ultimate best customer service in the world and make you a lifetime happy customer, shop happy and confident with our 5-star satisfaction guarantee.

That last one… Making you a lifetime, happy customer… Yup.. right here 🙂

To me, the overall quality is top notch. I love that the product stands up to their claims.
The way the product was shipped was perfect for keeping it undamaged.
It appears to be well made, and will hold up to its intended use. Washing instructions are clear and precise.

I will be adding pictures at a later date. I was unable to upload them at this time.


~Full Disclosure: This item was supplied to me at a reduced price by the seller in exchange for my honest and truthful review. I am not told what to write, nor will I remove a negative review/remark/rating/blog post if that is what I feel the product deserves. My words are my own, and this review is based upon my personal experience with this item. I also reserve the right to add to, or change my review as I continue to use the product.~

Musings From An Upset Mind

Now… lately there seems to be a string of childish behavior. An epidemic really, and I’d like to address it.

I can’t voice any one else’s opinion on this subject, as I don’t know it, but I can voice mine and so far all I can come up with is – Some people need to grow the *insert any word of choice here* up!!!!

We are adults, childish behavior needs to be left behind with the childhood, or in some cases “teen”, years and if you still feel the need to act like an adolescent then feel free to put on a diaper and grab a bottle. Childish behavior helps no-one and gains you absolutely no sympathizers, although in some cases as people tend to lie quiet well they do have some.
How I wish the truth could be voiced to them but what good would it do? We must wait on Karma, as people will always “reap what they sow”in the end.

Now, this type of behavior does, howsoever, in most cases gain you the title of “Self-Centered B****”, be you male or female. It gains you the ability to look like someone who hasn’t learned that the world doesn’t revolve around you, and is able to isolate you into a place that no-one wants to be.

I’m tired of the “Poor, Poor Pity Me” trip and people who tell lies to gain whatever gram of sympathy they can from people who truly just want to love you for you and be there as family, friends, to just be together.

I guess that’s all I have to say on this now other than, No-one is a pawn to be used by another. We are all individuals who create our own happiness and are entitled to that happiness as well as keeping that freewill that allows us to keep those who wish to bring us down out of our lives.

The flip-side of this is that when those who have wronged us may or may not be able to enter our lives without a door being there for them to use.
 So when/if we tell those who continually bring us headaches to take a hike because we don’t need, nor desire the stress they induce upon our lives, we should also allow them the door to enter our lives again. We can accept the apology, or just accept that they have changed, until evidence contrary to this presents it’s self. And hopefully those who are family will realize we love them and want them as a member of our lives, but we hold the right to be individuals without requiring their permission to be who we are. We also hold the right to kick them out again should they begin the same BS again. Unlike a child… an “Adult” doesn’t require more than one chance, and is old enough to know that a true apology means they WON’T repeat the behavior and will do all that is necessary to prevent a repeat performance. 

These are my thoughts and now that it is off my chest I feel slightly better. I hope this little rant of mine can help another but if not, It does help me.

Warmest Wishes and Wonderful Thoughts to you,


P.S. Do not let the “Emotional Vampires” of the world “suck the life” out of your day. Be strong, and continue being positive.

Is the Federal Government over stepping in our rights?

Considering the “recent” issues concerning the Bundy ranch located in Bunkerville, NV it seems that we are seeing, quit publicly even if the local news seems to not want to cover it, just how far they are willing to go to take land for a reason that we can not see at the moment.
It is concerning because this is just a step farther in taking away our rights and access to public lands. There are correlations between other stand-offs between citizens/groups and the federal government that greatly concern me, ie. snipers.
The lively hood of this family is being threatened and taken away. While I do agree that the family should pay the money to graze the cattle I do not believe the BLM, Burial of Land Management,  has the right to take their cattle and restrict access to the land like they are, nor employ goons to assault people.

I know the treatment of the Veterans that fight for the country and have been in war are treated horribly in Nevada. Just journey down the I-15 and into California and you would receive better treatment as a Vet, unfortunately unless your willing to pay the expenses yourself it isn’t affordable to most of them and they, therefore, must accept the free treatment from the VA Clinics in Nevada. I’m off-topic now but what I was attempting to point out is that, in Nevada, it seems that no-one gets a fair shake.

There are so many things I could comment on and give my view-point but I’ll try and stick to this. The claim has been made that they are removing the cattle to save the desert tortoise.  This has been proven to be a wrong move time and time again. The BLM has had to euthanize a few tortoises because they CAN NOT manage them. The removal of cattle from the area where the tortoise lives is a horrible idea, unless you want to kill the tortoise off and have ulterior motives. The cattle and tortoises are connected in a food web. The tortoise is dependent upon the cattle, esp in times of drought as they will eat the droppings from the cattle for moisture. They are also dependent upon the cattle as the rancher will haul water out to them when needed and supply feed as needed, which the tortoise takes advantage of. When these things are taken away, what is left for the tortoise? Nothing, and then it dies. This is not management of the tortoise, to kill them off, this is greed over the cattle and rancher by the BLM.

I can not say more on this, except to say that I hope eyes are being opened and that people with make their voices heard.

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On-line Dating – Is it better or worse? – Answered

Recently I received a message from someone asking me about On-line Dating – “Dear Ya-Ya, I was wondering what you thought about dating someone you met on-line. My friends know how  I met this guy but I haven’t told my … Continue reading

How could you grow a garden in a small space plus do a compost pile and still have a yard?

The answer my friends is a Keyhole Garden. It is a brilliant idea that apparently has been used for some time in Africa for gardening and composting.

As spring draws near I find myself once again turning to the idea of a nice, green, vibrant yard full of trees, bushes, flowers, herbs, and veggies. I have a pitiful, pitiful yard and have for some time. I have a horrible time attempting to grow anything, I believe I have a “Black Thumb” while all my relatives have “Green Thumbs”, but when it comes to knowing how to use the stuff I’m tops. 🙂 LOL
I know a lot about herbs and spices, both for medicinal and cooking usage, and I’m a wiz in the kitchen  for just about anything, cooking wise,  but I can not grow a thing. This type of garden, though,, appears to be something I could do, and possibly get it to work for me.
I want an herb garden, flowers that can be used for more than just beauty, and veggies with some fruit trees and vines around the yard. Basically I want my own little spot of “Heaven” and this idea for a garden would solve a few things for me.  YaY 🙂
This is a New Year’s Resolution, to have a compost pile and small herbal/veggie garden. We’ll work on the fruits and expanding the veggie part next year, maybe. LOL

I’m a horrible procastinator. There always seems a reason for not doing it or thing that stands in the way of it happening now. This I’ve decided has to stop concerning my “little slice of Heaven”. If you’ve ever cooked with fresh herbs then you understand why I want an herb garden. If you’ve ever looked at just how much stuff that can be recycled or turned into compost is thrown out a day by your family then you can see why I’d like to put a dent in that by doing composting.    When you compost you throw in newspapers (really any papers), cardboard, scarps of veggies and fruits. Just a little water is needed to keep it going and some earthworms. From all of this you get a continuing flow of food for the garden. The garden doesn’t take up much space and would work in pretty much any yard as well as looking fine instead of as an eyesore, IMO.
A common reason for most people in a city, suburb, town setting is that they can’t do things due to it being against the rules of where they live and it can’t be an eyesore. To me a garden is not an eyesore. It’s much more useful than grass and if you’re in a cramped space then it’s much more practical, but that’s not what the community seems to think. To me nothing is more beautiful than an old colonial English garden. These gardens can be small or huge. It all depends on the space at hand and what you want to plant or grow. I do not see how doing these types of gardens could be an eyesore, nor do I see how using a keyhole garden ( as your starting point ) could be bad. But that’s just my opinion.

The Colonial (Revival) Garden has some wonderful symmetry to it. You have separate areas to plant things in, each area encased with a box-type hedge or white picket fences. Herbs, flowers, fruit trees and bushes, and veggies each find a home in the layout. There are paths that wind through the whole and in the center you usually find a sundial, and seriously… Who doesn’t love that? You could put in arbors, gazebos, little garden bridges, just about anything you want to and it will still be beautiful.
The Colonial Garden has spanned time and while it started in the 18th century it has evolved and stayed. It is alive still and while a traditional Colonial English garden would be different, the Revival garden  keeps that spirit and merges it with today’s likes and desires. Truly this is my desired garden and I can’t wait to have one all to myself, well I’ll share with family but it’ll be my relaxation/get-away spot.

As an added interest, while searching for links to put in, I came across a project for kids to do as a school project. Here is that link -> Design a Colonial Garden.
How wonderful is it that kids are being introduced to gardening and history at the same time. I love that. My son’s school, NVVA, puts Art with History so that the lessons coincide and he learns so much more while having lots of fun with the projects. It’s a wonderful idea, and I would love to see more of that in schools. I believe that kids would learn better when the topic is being reinforced by two areas, and fun.

Here is an article that i found as well that tells how they created a Colonial Garden for a customer. It is wonderful and informative. I hope that you’ll enjoy it as well. –> How to Create a Colonial Garden

As always,
Many Blessings and Take Care,

New Year’s Resolutionary – Answered

Dear Ya-Ya,
   I’ve been trying to get in shape for this year and seem to have no luck. I take precautions with what I eat and try to exercise a couple of times a week, but I just can’t seem to keep the weight off. What should I do?
  New Year’s Resolutionary
Dear New Year’s Resolutionary,
    Many times when we take on a set perspective of what we want to happen and a set time-line for it to happen in it tends to bring us down when the results tend to fall short of what we expected to happen within that time frame. We all seem to do this and in many different areas of our lives, not just weight-loss.
   I’ve done many diets myself, and they all seem to end in the same way. Even with added exercise to what I’m already doing for a diet/change in meals. I’ve set out a block schedule and expect myself to loose so much within that block of time and when I plateau and become discouraged I tend to “cheat”, which just adds the weight back on.
I do not know if this is what is happening with you or if it’s something entirely different.
   I’ve a friend who, try as they might, can’t seem to get the toned look that they desire and recently found out that it’s just the chemical make-up of their body.
I’ve another friend that just couldn’t seem to lose weight no matter what they tried and upon speaking with their Dr, found out they had a medical condition that was easily treatable. Now, with the proper diet and medication, my friend is happily beginning to shed the weight they had worked so hard to lose, unsuccessfully, before.
   My suggestion is to talk with a nutritionist and your Dr before starting anything and make sure that what you plan to do is good for your body as well as making sure there is nothing medically wrong/unbalanced to undermine your good intentions.

All successful “diets” or life-style changes start with knowing for certain what your body specifically needs and can handle. Until your able to see a professional though, I would start with just being sure to eat 3 small healthy meals a day and 3 healthy snacks, cutting out junk food such as chips and sodas (use your own judgment on what you can cut out and what you can’t) and try to walk where-ever you can, if possible. If walking isn’t possible, due to your situation or location, then I would recommend just doing some simple toning exercises (the repetition and movement is what counts) , taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and parking as far from the entrance as possible so that you have farther to walk to and from your destination.

Another thing people tend to do is denying themselves things which tend to lead to “cheating” on their “diets”. Don’t deny it just limit it to so much, or find a healthier substitute that tastes just as good and sometimes,tastes even better. Little things like this tend to add up and just remember, Don’t give up, the end result is worth all the hassle.
For some great meal ideas and delicious deserts check out “The South Beach Diet“, which is a life-style change that a Dr put together for his patients with heart conditions. It’s full of good advice and, in most cases, won’t hurt anyone to try out.
My best wishes on your success and take care. I hope I answered your question. 🙂
Many Blessings your way,
Ya-Ya 🙂

Who are You?

The Most Creative Act you will ever undertake is The Act of Creating Yourself

   As the image states above… “The most creative Act You will ever undertake is the Act of Creating Yourself” .

   So what does that mean?  To me it says that we all create ourselves into the people we either want to be or think we should be, and sometimes into who we believe others think/want us to be; but in the end, We are the ones that make the choices.

   So how important is it to our creation of self that our perception of ourselves is untainted/not influenced by our peers? To me it is very important to the process. For better or worse we create ourselves according to what we have been taught is proper and valued.

   Our views and values of the world and self, including how and when we start our life with another person is created by our peers. For better or for worse we are the creation of others and very rarely do we have the ability and courage to re-create ourselves into someone who we truly love and want to be. An unfortunate thing since the world’s perception of ourselves shouldn’t matter but the perception of those we love and cherish, including yourself, should be whom we wish to make happy.

   The only person we should ever change for is ourselves, and as long as we have an excellent network of friends and family to support us we become that beautiful butterfly that is our creative soul bursting free of the shackles that society has put upon us. Yes, we do make the choice at first to allow the shackles to be put on because we believe that it is how we are supposed to live. We then, at a later date when we are teens or adults, either make the choice to keep these restraints or to shuck them off and create our own sense of self with our own value systems, be they right or wrong by our peers standards we grew up with.

   There are also the people whom, after marriage and either before, during or after children, realizes that they have wish to change whom society and peers say they are and re-create themselves into whom they truly are. Sometimes this is a true change, and sometimes this is just realizing that they don’t wish to be shackled to the same old same old but wish to be the creative soul that has bounced around until caught in a cage and hidden away because it just wasn’t proper anymore.

   I’m not speaking of an evil or hurtful change or of someone leaving their children and just running off because of this self-realization, I’m speaking of just letting that tiny little voice that you’ve told to be quiet speak up and allow yourself to be the artist within. Allow yourself to put on a cute little crazy hat and go for a walk in the rain because YOU love it and want to. Allow yourself that simple pleasure that you’ve been told to avoid because it just isn’t proper and right. Be Yourself, not the Stepford-drone.

Become Your True Self

In the end, the butterfly or the caterpillar, is our choice of self and our choice of who we want to be, and right now I believe that there are a lot of people whom are in the metamorphic stages of creating themselves anew.  I hope that someday soon all will be their own butterfly and we all will spread our wings to fly on wings of choice and creativity.

Lots of love and Hoping this helps someone,

Ya-Ya 🙂

I am “Fix-It” Girl…

So I’ve come to the conclusion that I am, and always will only be, the fix-it girl, and that’s ok.

I’m the one guys date or get to know solely for the purpose of my fixing it. I’m the girl who friends and family come to for advice and help when things go wrong or just need someone who understands and has probably been there.

For example…. I’ve dated a couple of guys who thank me for helping them realize that they are worth something and for building their self-esteem up. I’ve become friends with and helped guys to understand that they are great guys and they shouldn’t settle for less. I’ve helped guys in relationships and marriages understand why their significant other is upset and helped keep them together if that was their choice, or offered the best way to get the point across that it is over.

It seems that I’m always fixing something for my guy friends or a guy that I was with at one time. I seem, howsoever, unable to fix myself. Why is it so easy to see the problem or understand it so clearly when I’m on the outside looking in? I assume, that it’s because hindsight is always clearer and when you’re the observer you are unprejudiced about the circumstance and therefore able to observe and see the problem and the solution.

So.. here is my proposed question: Why, if I was so great for them, did it end so horribly for me?

I can understand that I wasn’t the “One” for them but did I have to be hurt in the process?, or was that part of the “fixing them”? … Who knows. Not I.

I would, however, like to know why looking back and thinking about things has to hurt as thought it just happened, and why we are drawn to the types that prove hurtful to ourselves when we know that that type of person is more than likely going to leave us feeling like a huge mac truck just ran you over.

Today appears to be a “look back and be reflectful on my past relationships” day.  LOL

Art by Laura Diehl

On a more upbeat note, I have also reflected upon all the good types of “fix-it’s” I’ve done and helped with concerning all of my friends and family. You could say I hold the flame that calls people to me in the darkness trying to find the light that will guide them forward.
Now don’t get me wrong, I’m very happy with the fact that people come to me for advice and I love that I can help them with virtually any situation that calls for a shoulder and ear as well as an understanding mind.  This is one of those things that helps keep me balanced and knowing that there is a place for me in this world even though at times I feel positively useless and unneeded. It is the glue that helps to bind me to my life and in a way, those who bring me their problems to solve are my ‘Light in the Darkness’.  Although, there are times I feel I must have done something very wrong in a past life to make it seem impossible to find my “One”, I do know that there is a “time and a place for everything” as well as there being a “season and reason” for everyone that enters our lives.

This isn’t a’ poor pity me’ post just a reflective one and if you were able to follow any of this and understand any of it then I’m glad because that means you can take away the lesson from it. If you didn’t, then I’m just glad you stopped by and took the time to read this.

Be well and many blessings your way,

Ya-Ya 😉