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The Four Doves

Whilst walking in the stormy way
I looked up and saw four doves
A day short of Mother’s Day

They lit upon the wire
Strung between the poles
They sat and returned my stare

It’s been so long since I saw a dove
And here were four
Highlighted against the bleak rolling gray
By a ray of light
As though a hole ‘twas ripped in the sky

My heart began to ache
Four loved ones gone
My sweet loving Grandpa
A true Cowboy now in Heaven
One dove flew away.

A sob caught in my throat
My wonderful Aunt
A second mother to all her nieces and nephews
Now spends her days with the baby she never got to raise
The second Dove took flight.

Tears began to fall from my eyes,
The sky let a soft mist
My Mother and Father now in my mind’s eye
“I love you and miss you”
The third Dove took wing.

“I miss you so much Mom”
So many times I want to talk
Her voice, captured on a disk
It’s not the same
“Mom, I love you. I know you’re there.
Watching over us.”
The last Dove lifted in the air,
Hovered but didn’t take off.

“Happy Mother’s Day, Mom”
The Fourth Dove turned and circled above,
Then took off towards the others in a tree.
All four in flight,
Following the light.
Four Doves,
Watching over me.

By: E. Steele
© 5/9/2015

Research has finally caught up to Common Sense!

Apparently the Researchers from The University of Sheffield in the United Kingdom have finally proven that you can’t not treat obesity in multiple people with a “one size fits all” mentality.

“With most health conditions, there is variance in a  treatment plan based on the unique conditions of one’s illness. For example, we know there are 14 types of breast cancer, and each may have a very different course of treatment. But with obesity, it’s one size fits all: Eat less. Exercise more. Repeat.

Until now.”

The above quote comes from Amy Capetta, from Yahoo! Health. She wrote an article entitled “There Are 6 Types Of Obesity – And Each Should Be Treated Differently” in which the 6 types of Obesity are stated and makes it glaringly apparent how you cannot treat a person from one category the same as you would a person from another.

This has been apparent to me for a very long time. Just seeing the different people in my family that either worked on toning their body, keeping in shape, loosing a little weight, or trying to loose a lot of weight made this idea completely transparent to me. The things that worked for one or more did not work for all.

Eating less and working out more actually caused me to gain more weight, counting calories turned me into a zombie with no energy. Diet pills were not good for me either, the PA at my local clinic was a life saver there. And yet the doctors continued to state the same rhetoric over and over, “Eat less and exercise more”. My body chemistry wasn’t working with that and it wasn’t until I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism that I started to loose weight and keep it off for a few years.
I truly hope that this continues to be a continuous debate within the medical world, as well as the weight-loss world.

Blessings and Warm Wishes to All,
~Ya-ya~ ❤

(Please read Amy Capetta’s article to learn more about the different categories.)

What could diet pills cost you?

I read an article in Yahoo! Health this afternoon that saddened me. It is an article about a young woman that took ‘slimming pills’ that she bought on-line. They contain a lethal substance, DNP, that does cause you to loose weight, BUT at the cost of your life.

“According to reports, more than 60 people worldwide have died from taking DNP, but the ingredient continues to show up in some diet pills.”

I am truly saddened by this beautiful young woman’s death. I feel sorrow for her mother, and that she should have to bury her child at such a young age. It is not something any parent of any age should have to do.

Her death is a loss not only to her family, friends, and loved ones, but it is also humanity’s loss as well. There is no telling what impact she could have had on all of our lives, but there is definitely an impact on our lives by her death. With these thoughts in mind I have two statements I’d like to make.

Firstly, I can see no reason why this beautiful girl ever thought she needed a diuretic/weight-loss supplement/slimming pill.
I hate how society has become about body shapes.
Sure, there are a lot of us that are at an unhealthy weight, but that’s still no reason to buy a pill. It definitely isn’t a reason for someone at their perfect weight, or maybe a little over, to buy one.

Secondly, there is no “quick fix” to loosing weight.
Believe me, I’ve tried more ‘diets’ than I can remember. It all comes down to body chemistry and, with a doctor, figuring out what works best with your chemical make-up.
Eating less and exercising more, and/or popping a pill is for sure NOT the way to do it.
Counting calories can be just as harmful to your body’s chemical make-up as popping one of those pills as well. ALWAYS, I can not stress this enough, ALWAYS, consult a doctor and/or a dietitian/nutritionist before starting a “diet” of any kind.

Blessings to All,

“O say can you see” ….. as our civil rights are taken away

Recently I came across an old article, Courts Kill Student Rights – Jonathan Turley, USA Today , that truly upset me.
It seems to me as though the courts are truly attempting to overlook all of our rights, starting in school. That wonderful place that molds and shapes the future of our nation. What happens to the fate of our great nation when the ones that vote the leaders into their places of power are taught that it doesn’t matter that you’re in the United States, and that the symbols of our nation don’t matter because it might offend other citizens on another country’s celebratory days? When the courts that are supposed to uphold our rights as granted us in the Bill of Rights and U.S. Constitution decide that we really don’t have the “Freedom of Speech”?

How can the Courts, all-be-it two different courts, rule that wearing an armband that symbolizes your opposition and protest of the Vietnam War in 1969, Tinker vs. Des Moines Independent Community School District, is a freedom granted to us under the 1st Amendment and then in 2014 the Federal appellate court in California rule that wearing clothing with the ‘Stars and Stripes’ on it is incendiary and disrespectful. The US Supreme Court quietly declined to hear the case concerning the Live Oak High School students.

On May 5th, 2010 the Live Oak High School’s principal had the children that wore the American flag shirts, turn their shirts inside out and those that failed to do so were sent home, for wearing this clothing at an American school. It shouldn’t matter if the school is helping the kids learn about another culture by celebrating Cinco de Mayo, or Chinese New Year, or any other holiday that is associated with a specific country.
Our country is supposed to be presented first within our country’s borders, therefore our flag flies above all other flags, within our country. Pride for our country should be cherished and nurtured, and yet pride in and for our country is on a fast-paced down-slide, an avalanche of sorts. When you feel pride and wish to show it, in whatever way, your considered an activist of sorts, or worse, and it’s basically being taught at grade level now, to “be more worried about what others will think and possibly find fault with then about what is right.”

I LOVE Happify!

No, seriously, I do. I just started a new track on Happify, Part 2: Examine Your Negative Thinking – “Conquer Your Negative Thoughts”, and one of my first activities was in the “Savor” category. It’s a game called “Negative Knockout”.

I lost this game of 'Negative Knockout', but I'll be back soon. ;) What would your "Negativities" be?

I lost this game of ‘Negative Knockout’, but I’ll be back soon. 😉 What would your “Negativities” be?

The first thing you do is choose a level, I chose ‘Battle at Stormy Meadows”. Then, you select 3 to 5 thoughts/worries that are troubling you, you can even write your own if you don’t like the options. Finally you use the happiness skill balls to take aim at those negatives and destroy them, leaving the meadow bright and cheery. (The game is kind of set up like “Angry Birds”, and I’m not very good at it. lol)

I chose Doubt, Sadness, Fatigue, Anxiety, and Disappointment for my first time with this activity. It’s fun and I do enjoy seeing my “negatives” go poof. 😉
Oddly enough, when you’ve made it through a few levels, and then you just can’t get that last Negative to go poof for the win….. I felt down. But, don’t despair, they give you another chance… You just have to be a better shot than me. lol

All in all though, It’s a fun game that actually can help you feel a little more in control of, empowered with, your worries and negative thoughts. I urge you to check out Happify and try a track. Play the games, and do the writing. You’ll be amazed at what one little thing each day can do to lift you up. And,Yes!!! There is an App for that too!

Blessings and Love my Dears 🙂

Focus on the Good, Leave the Stress behind

Stress is a very common thing in our day to day lives, but when it becomes over-whelming or fills our lives in at a constant high level it becomes dangerous and often times, deadly.
When we can gleam a little off it does more good than we truly know, and it can oft’ times enable us to rid ourselves of an even more potent source of stress, “stressing about being stressed”.

The current track I’m on with Happify is Part 2: Focus on What Matters (Cope Better With Stress). I was given the assignment of writing about three things that I don’t have to worry about for the time-being, something as small as no-one is currently sick in my family to something as large as not being in a bad relationship anymore.  That gives you a lot of choices, and it can be amazing just how hard it is to list three things when you’re in a low spot.

Here are my three things –

  1. The first thing that helped to brighten my day was when the stress of not having my youngest son’s schoolbooks was relieved. School had already started and we didn’t have his books yet. I was very stressed out about it and feeling excessively anxious about not being able to do all of his classes because of lack of material. I wasn’t sleeping right and feeling like everything was falling down around me, that I couldn’t do this, that I was going to fail my son, and numerous other things. I was having mini anxiety attacks all day and unable to truly function. Seeing the UPS boxes finally arrive was a wonderful surprise that brightened my day.
  2. The second thing was that my brother is around and that when I feel I’m crumbling apart he always has a hug for me. It’s not something huge, but it’s a small gesture that means the world to me. It helps me know I’m not alone in this. We seem to forget just how important those small things are until we no longer have them, or they are the only thing that helps us stay going for just a little be longer.
  3. The last thing was a pleasant surprise and not exactly one thing. This year my eldest son has two classes that will be taught by separate teachers, and that takes a big load off my shoulders. The other part was how receptive my youngest is to all his classes, except History… not enough to fully engage him I guess. He LOVES sitting down in his desk and having his own school work, especially talking to his teacher online, or playing games for math. Those two things were truly a wonderfully pleasant surprise.

It’s amazing just how much of a load that takes off ones shoulders, to realize and count just three things you no longer have to stress, or worry about right now. They may come back later, but that’s tomorrow’s problem.
So what are three things you don’t have to worry about for the time-being?

~Blessings and Love, My Dears~

My 2015 New Year’s Resolutions

Every new day is a black page to be wrote upon, each chapter a new year. What you wish to fill those pages and chapters of your book with is up to you.

Every new day is a black page to be wrote upon, each chapter a new year. What you wish to fill those pages and chapters of your book with is up to you.

Recently I was approached by the admin of Beautiful Outlaws about joining a group on Facebook that she had set up. The idea she has for this group is “helping each other succeed in our New Year’s resolutions”, a group to help eachother stay motivated, and to be the “cheerleaders” for eachother. She asked each of us to introduce ourselves and to state what our goals were for the year. This was not a hard request, but it did make me realize that I hadn’t even thought about them. I had no goals for the New Year. Now that I sat and thought about what I should do, all of the choices I had of things to focus on was a little too much. So, I chose to simplify and go with the basics and build from there. Everything needs a strong foundation first, right?

For 2015, I’ve decided that my goals will be to write more, concentrate more on my health, learn to accept help from others, and to be more open.

Obviously you can see where my priorities lay, or perhaps it’s that I’ve already subconsciously decided which I can achieve and which are most likely not to succeed. Allow me to show why these are my choices.

  • Starting with one of the hardest choices of my goals: Be More Open.
    Being open about myself has never truly been easy. I’ve always said that I am an open book, and to an extent that is true, but I’ve never been truly open about my thoughts and feelings with others, unless they were in my “inner-circle”. So it is my intention this year to work on that openness.
    I’ve also chose to work on being more open in concerns of communication. I can communicate rather well, but I do not always do so. It is hard for me to just call someone out of the blue to just talk, writing a letter “just because” (I was a horrible pen-pal), or instigating a random conversation online. The odd thing about this, however, is that I can strike up a conversation with anyone in person, dropping by someone’s house out of the blue just to visit is not hard, but when it comes to doing so behind a paper & pen, phone call, or computer screen it’s another story. Therefore, it is my intention to work on this type of openness as well.
  • Next would be: Accepting Help from Others
    I am not very good at accepting help from people, nor asking for it. Even when I am at my wits end and breaking apart, I have an issue with reaching out to ask for help. I’ve gotten a little better at it since losing my mother last year, and for a little before then because of needing help with my kids while I took care of her, but it is still enormously hard for me to do this. If I am to lessen the stress in my life, I must learn how to do this. Therefore, it is a continuing goal that I am working on.
  • Concentrate More On My Health
    As a couple of you may know, I have very poor health. I have a couple genetic health issues, as well as others that I was diagnosed with at 16, that I am dealing with. I have a genetic disposition to blood clots (they are not fun, nor is the hospital stays), clinical depression (something I’ve dealt with for a long time but is only a recent diagnosis), anemia (low iron), and hypothyroidism. I’ve decided that if I am going to start feeling better, being sick less, and have any possibility of losing weight then I have to start doing my own research and figuring out what works best for me. I need to figure out what foods work best for me, what ones I can eat a lot of or need to eat less of, and what ones I need to keep an eye on. There are certain foods I cannot eat because of medication interactions, inhibiting thyroid function, and can raise the possibility of clots. I also have a hard time absorbing iron so I have to be aware of foods that can help with that.
    I need to keep a record of how different anti-depressants make me feel and keep a record of how I feel (emotionally, highs or lows, anxiety levels, ex….) and why. I need to make and keep as many appointments (blood-work and such) as I can.
    I need to pay more attention to meditation, and “me time” instead of allowing them to fall to the side. I need to begin Pilates again, regularly. I need to concern myself only with those whom care about and love me, not those that wish to harm me.
    All of these things will help me to become a healthier person, inward and out.
  • And finally: Write More
    Oh the many things I wish to write this year. The many things I wish to do with my writing.
    I wish to complete my manuscript for the book I’m working on. I wish to post to each of my blogs at least once a week.
    It is my desire to entertain and help with my writings. To give people a place to come for help without judgment, to tickle someone’s sense of frivolity, to allow for a place where someone may learn something new or open their eyes to another idea which would allow them to look for their own answers. There is so much and so little that can be done with writing, and I wish to tap into, and use, that endless possibility this year.

These are my goals for the year and I will endeavor to work on each of them. I may not complete any of them, because I do not believe that any of them could truly be completed except the manuscript, but by working on all of them I will become a better person.

Have a wonderful week my lovelies and a wonderful New Year.
Blessings & Warm Wishes,

YaYa 😉

What are your goals this year?
Do you have a support group to assist you?

Do you have a fear of death?

A lot of people do for various reasons. There are many things to fear in life, spiders is at the top of my list, but one constant for everyone seems to be death. Either of dying it’s self or something that leads up to death.
Personally, I’m not afraid to die. I faced that possibility at 16 and dealt with it then. I am scared of loosing those that I love, though. So that would be my “fear of death”. It’s something that I can not change, nor do I have dominion over when it will happen. Since I am driven by emotions I do not see this fear leaving anytime soon. Therefore, I’m just going to have to continue to fear it, and find someway to handle it as best I can.
A very wonderful friend of mine wrote a blog post, “Facing Death Facing Life“, concerning this topic. I recommend reading this, and others that she has written. It puts her fear of death into a light that many of us can understand, and find a way to accept our own fear.