These little pills could be the best thing you ever use

I used to be on the look-out for anything that could help me lose weight, and keep it off. I am a consultant with a company that does that wonderfully, but I thought I’d try adding these all natural weight-loss pills, Caralluma Fimbriata, when they became available to try at a discounted price.
It is an appetite suppressant made of pure Caralluma Fimbriata extract.

Here is what I liked about these pills:

  • Easy to use… You just take 2 of the 1000mg pills every day.
  • You only take them ONCE a Day
  • There are 60 capsules in the bottle, meaning you get a whole month’s supply of these bad boys
  • Suppressed my appetite
  • No nasty herby smell & taste when you take the pills
  • Made in the USA (I love buying items that are from home grown businesses)

Now, like I said… I already do a type of lifestyle diet that helps me lose weight, cuts down on the fat storage, and gives me massive amounts of energy all day long with no burn out.
I don’t plan on stopping that because it does work so well, and why mess with one of the best things that has ever happened to me?
So I honestly cannot tell you how these pills helped with those points.
I didn’t notice any added energy, but a friend of mine who was taking these pills at the same time did. She LOVES them!
I do have an issue with carbs though, and I think these pills helped a lot with blocking the carbs. I just can’t say no to them for more than 10 days…. I’m addicted. LOL 🙂
For the things I did state above, I love it! I love how it does suppress my appetite so that even though I am eating healthy foods, I’m not overloading on them like usual.
Also, when I do happen to eat some carbs, ie. bread for sandwiches, I didn’t notice the usual back-lash that I normally experiance.

I did not find any faults with these pills. They seem to work just as well as the seller stated they would.

Here is what the Schwartz Bioresearch says about the ‘Caralluma Fimbriata’:

  • MAXIMUM STRENGTH CARALLUMA FIMBRIATA: Our weight loss supplement is a 10:1 caralluma fimbriata extract manufactured with the purest ingredients, which makes it a more potent dietary supplement than other standard variants. Schwartz Bioresearch’s is a 1000mg formula manufactured with 100% natural ingredients and the highest quality manufacturing processes.

  • POWERFUL APPETITE SUPPRESSANT FOR WEIGHT LOSS: You can burn belly fat with our potent Caralluma Fimbriata 1000mg. These diet pills were recently featured on TV because they work suppressing your appetite, a fast weight loss. Your energy levels will increase too, the best way to get slim fast.

  • ALL NATURAL PROFESSIONAL USE DIET PILLS WITH NO SIDE EFFECTS: Our supplements are 100% natural and safe, with no fillers or artificial ingredients. We use only the very best, scientifically-tested ingredients.

  • FAST RESUTS FROM A WEIGHT LOSS SUPPLEMENT YOU CAN TRUST: Our pure caralluma extract can turn your weight loss experience into a truly exciting ride; one that delivers results fast.

  • MADE IN USA: Our Caralluma Fimbriata is Manufactured in the USA in a FDA-registered, state-of-the-art facility, with strict adherence to good manufacturing practices (GMPs). Every batch is third party tested to ensure the ingredients are safe, pure and potent.

My take away is that this is a great product, but be careful to read everything the seller says about this product, especially all the ingredients.
I do believe that these are truly great weight-loss pills for those that want a hassle free way to lose weight without spending a lot of money. Just be sure to exercise while using them. 😉

~ Full Disclosure: This item was supplied to me at a reduced price by the seller in exchange for my honest and truthful review. I am not told what to write, nor will I remove a negative review/remark/rating if that is what I feel the product deserves. My words are my own, and this review is based upon my personal experience with this item. I also reserve the right to add to, or change my review as I continue to use the product. ~


How do you protect your Comforter?

I bought this as a possible bedding solution to the wear that my multiple dogs put to my comforter (and in the winters, down quilt), and because I love the feeling of soft sheets.
I honestly had never even thought of this before, and I don’t think I’ve actually heard of this type of product before it showed up in the review group I belong to.

Let me run down a few reasons why I like the Duvet Bedding Set:

  • It was super easy to use and the instructions were extremely clear on how to use the duvet cover.
  • The two Pillow Shams were very easy to use and cover the pillows with.
  • I liked the tone of the colors available.
    Here’s a few of the ones I liked:

    • Sage Green
    • Chocolate Brown
    • Taupe Sand
  • The texture of the cover and the pillow sham coverings are incredible.
    My autistic 7yr old comes in to lay down and just runs his hands over the duvet covering because of the softness.
  • The color is not harsh, but goes wonderfully with the color scheme in my room.
    I think any color would work well, as they are beautifully made with wonderful colors, but muted so as not to take away from the bedroom scheme.
  • Extremely easy to wash, and dry.
  • I mentioned dogs earlier… this has helped wonderfully with keeping the shedding off the bed, and keeping the bedding nice beneath.
  • I love how they are packaged! So easy to open and remove the products, and store them again when changing them out.
  • They come in more than one size. You can get a set in King (which I own) all the way down to Twin!  I’ve even seen Cali-King in the sizes!

Honestly, I could not find a fault with this product.
Unless the desire to own more could be considered a ‘Con’.  😉 My kids are even begging for their own sets in full and twin sizes.

Here is what the company says about the Nestl Bedding Duvet Cover:

  • Luxury Soft Duvet Cover. Simply slip it over your comforter, duvet insert, or alternative down comforter sets. The Duvet Cover is very useful, it will protect your comforter and is super easy to remove and wash.

  • King size luxury duvet cover 3pc set measures 104″ x 90″ inches. With button closure. Includes 2 pillow shams 20″ x 36″ inches with a 1 1/2 inch flange. Also available in California king, queen, full, twin sizes.

  • This luxury bedding collection is made of the highest quality double brushed microfiber strong linen for years to lasts. Fabulous selection of vibrant dyed yarn solid colors will make your bedroom look like a celebrity home.

  • Special easy care. Fade, stain, shrink and wrinkle resistant. Machine washable in cold, dries quickly on tumble dry low temperature. Hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, environmental friendly and resistant to dust mites. Microfiber material is cool and breathable and more durable than cotton.

  • Free 100% satisfaction guarantee included. At Nestl Bedding we stand behind our products. Our #1 goal is to provide you with the ultimate best customer service in the world and make you a lifetime happy customer, shop happy and confident with our 5-star satisfaction guarantee.

That last one… Making you a lifetime, happy customer… Yup.. right here 🙂

To me, the overall quality is top notch. I love that the product stands up to their claims.
The way the product was shipped was perfect for keeping it undamaged.
It appears to be well made, and will hold up to its intended use. Washing instructions are clear and precise.

I will be adding pictures at a later date. I was unable to upload them at this time.


~Full Disclosure: This item was supplied to me at a reduced price by the seller in exchange for my honest and truthful review. I am not told what to write, nor will I remove a negative review/remark/rating/blog post if that is what I feel the product deserves. My words are my own, and this review is based upon my personal experience with this item. I also reserve the right to add to, or change my review as I continue to use the product.~

Book Light is just AMAZING, and then some!

Be ForeWarned!!!! When you receive this product it is in a little box.

When I saw it I thought, “WOW…. I got gypped! That box is waaaaay too little.”

Then, I opened it and was I surprised. Inside that ‘ittle, bittle, teeny, weeny box was a treasure!


#2, regular sized, Pencil added for comparison.

That treasure being, the LED Book Light.

It comes with an USB cable, and AC charger. (Gotta love when the charger is included and not just the cable… I get seriously annoyed when they don’t include the charger.)



The seller states this about the BOYON Eye Care Book Light:

  • Protects eyes.Natural and Non-flickering light. The LED lights provide soft light that is perfect for reading.

  • Long lasting, rechargeable battery, long-life ultra-bright LEDs and 5 brightness levels.This unique lamp also comes complete with a USB cord and wall outlet for charging versatility. And it will charge fully in 3 hours and will operate for up to 12 hours without recharging.

  • The adjustable, dual arm, gooseneck design allows for easy light adjustment!Just bend each light to your desired angle and position. The sturdy clamp is very strong and features adjustable grip allowing a secure placement on a range of different surface thicknesses.

  • This BOYON light is very small & convenient making it the perfect tool for those on-the-go: such as students, travelers, drivers, etc. …One need only clip the base of the light and adjust arms and brightness as desired. And the base can also be used as a stand for lights on flat surfaces.

  • Our goal is 100% satisfaction.If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us directly. No question is too small.

To me, that last statement is the all-important one.
Sure…. We love that it protects our eyes as avid book readers.
We love that it is long-lasting AND rechargeable.
We love that it’s totally adjustable, because really… when is a lamp ever “just right”?
And of course, being small and easy to take where-ever is truly important… You never know when you’re going to find that perfect place to read, or when it’s going to be a long wait time.
BUT….. 100% satisfaction????
NO Question is too SMALL?
That’s what I, an avid reader at night, love to hear from a company.

I could not find a Con.
No, seriously… I couldn’t find one. I have left this book light in the hands of my 11 yr old son, and his 7yr old brother, for 14 days and it’s still looking and working great.
My 11yr old uses it to read every night before bed…. I’ve only had to recharge it once!

The Pros:
* It truly is long-lasting!

* Who doesn’t LOVE something that is so versatile and easy to use?!?

*It folds up so small! You can pack it in a purse if needed! (I have)

*The light is soooo bright, and with TWO positional lights you get total coverage of the pages so that you’re not stressing your eyes.

* I’ve used it as a night light for my youngest when his night light wasn’t working. Yes… It does clip to almost EVERY thing.

*It has a durability that just amazes me.

*I may have to buy a second one.
( Ok… this isn’t so much a “Pro” as it is an opinion…. but something that proves its-self to me in such a way that I consider buying a second one says a lot about the product.)

To me, the overall quality is wonderful for this little (itty-bitty) LED book light. It lives up to claims made by the seller. The way the product was shipped by Amazon was perfect for keeping it nice and undamaged.
I highly recommend this to anyone that reads at night or in low lighted areas.

Okay… now for the part I have to state…
~Full Disclosure: This item was supplied to me at a reduced price by the seller in exchange for my honest and truthful review. I am not told what to write, nor will I remove a negative review/remark/rating if that is what I feel the product deserves. My words are my own, and this review is based upon my personal experience with this item.~

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Do You Use an Hair Mask?

Personally, I think I’ve used a hair mask perhaps 5 times in my life. I didn’t like how they felt, and I honestly didn’t see a benefit of using them.
Of course up until recently, like 4 yrs ago, I didn’t really see the point in doing all that “girly” stuff with my hair. Why did it matter what my hair looked like if I was just going to pull it back in a pony tail, or up in a hair clip?

Nothing… That’s what mattered… I had more important things to do than worry about my hair.

Now… However, I do have an opinion on my hair and how it looks. (I’d better.. I do sell hair accessories after all!) My hair may still end up in ponytails, or pulled up in a messy bun, but the majority of the time it is in a french roll.
And since I sell hair accessories, which make my hairstyles look awesome..IMO…, my hair has to look … well… better.
I take more care with what I put in it, and I do tend to get my hair colored and styled. We all know what can happen with frequent hair coloring though, and it’s not like my hair is as healthy as it could be. This is why I chose to try another hair mask…. LOVE IT!!!!

I’ve become part of a group on FB that reviews different products for sellers on (This is a great group. LOVE the admins!) In exchange for an honest and unbiased review, I get an awesome discount on any of the products I review.*

You know me… I couldn’t lie if I wanted to. LOL
So here is my personal observations on this product, Majestic Pure’s Coconut Oil Hair Mask.

First things first, I don’t like this hair mask… I LOVE this hair mask!
I enjoy using coconut oil for various things, so that was a huge deciding factor in my even opting in to try it.

Now… What is a hair mask?
A hair mask is meant to restore moisture to your lovely locks, and you should be buying, or making, one that works with your hair type.
This is what the site says about the Coconut Oil mask I bought and am using:

  • Majestic Pure Coconut oil mask is a potent 100% natural restorative hair repair mask; made in USA in a GMP lab
  • Rich in vitamin E and fatty acids, hydrating coconut Oil hair care mask helps repair damaged hair and suitable for all hair types
  • Deeply conditions, hydrates, and moisturizes hair giving it a soft silky texture and adding brilliant shine; an excellent hair care product
  • Improves Hair texture and restores & strengthens weak, damaged, and over-processed hair

Now, what does this mask REALLY do?
As the company stated, it deeply conditions, hydrates, and moisturizes the hair. As well as, improving the texture and restoring the weak and damaged hair. This leaves the hair feeling soft and silky with a brilliant shine.

Well, I have used it twice a week, for a little over a week ( meaning I’ve used it 3 times so far), and it has definitely improved the feel/texture of my hair.
My hair doesn’t feel like horse hair anymore. It feels alive, and soft. It seems to have less split ends (I honestly don’t sit there looking for them though).
To put it easily, it feels like I just got out of my stylist’s chair after she has worked her magic on my hair. It is soft and fluffy, completely amazing, and willing to stay in place.

You’re probably asking now, “But are there any Cons? What are the Pros?”
Honestly, there are only 2 cons. The price and, perhaps not a con, is that you will be left with a desire to eat something with coconuts… perhaps an Almond Joy?  Anyone have one? I could use one….

This hair mask comes in a white plastic 8 fl oz. container with a black lid, and it can withstand being dropped!
My 7 yr old dropped it on our tiled over, cement floor and it did not shatter or break.
(Love when that happens)
It’s super easy to use. My little one helped me put it in my hair (because Mommy should look like a Princess).
Any hair type can use it, so a safe purchase for all of us. 😉
It only needs to stay on your hair for 5 min, you can go longer if you want though.
You don’t have an oily feeling left over after putting it in your hair, and any residual left on your hands can be massaged onto your elbows, or any dry spot on your skin leaving it very soft and smelling great.

So… Now you know what they say, “But what do you really think?”  Why, exactly, do I LOVE this mask????
To be short, for all the reasons above. I love the efficiency of the product, the ease of use, the packaging (Who doesn’t love something that stands up to little boys?), that I can rub it on my son’s hair every other day to prevent lice coming home from school, and the smell… I LOVE coconut! I love that they are using natural ingredients as well.
As a mother, I especially love that if I space out that I put this in my hair, I don’t have to worry about it. It will not damage my hair.

No harm, no foul. Love this product! The over-all quality is wonderful.

Now my loves, enjoy! Rejoice! Your hair woes are over.
At least the ones that this hair mask can take care of.

* I received this product at a discount rate for my honest unbiased review, all reviews are based on my honest opinion and are 100% honest after testing the product*