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Neighbors rally for young girl unexpectedly hospitalized; ‘Kisses for Kycie’ | St George News.


My heart goes out to this family. I am praying and sending healing thoughts their way. Be brave girl!

#KissesforKycie #PrayersForKycie

Watching movies with kids

can be entirely entertaining, esp. when they are boys. Recently I rented Samantha: An American Girl Holiday from Netflix. I was overjoyed to watch a movie that featured strong girls, had history, and had characters in it that I’d read about when I was younger. I loved the “Samantha” series (4 books when I got them) when my mother gave them to me and enjoyed reading stories that had Victorian history, to a degree, within them.

It was so funny watching this movie with him because I’d told him a little of what he’d see in it, having watched it earlier, and shortly into it he says “So when do we get to the good stuff?” Seeing as how the story line takes place during 1904 and he had been learning about that era of history the idea had intrigued him and he loves history. He was interested to see the part about children working in factories, a part that he thought was horrible and wrong.  I’m proud that he is learning and growing up with strong ideas of right and wrong. I guess that means I’m doing my job right 😉

Of course after the movie I asked him how he liked it and his response was priceless, “I would have liked it a lot more if it didn’t have so much stuff about girls.” Yup… I have a son.

You can see a little of the movie here via YouTube:

Give a Pat on the Back to Parents of Kids who are Autistic!

This blog has touched my heart. I’ve had to learn quickly, and by experiment, just what works with my son. It is hard because I can’t teach him the same as I did with my eldest. My youngest is his own person and there is just some things that he can’t do, or wont do, yet.
I love him with the same intensity as I do my eldest son and I know that at times it makes my eldest jealous because he sees it as, “My brother is acting bad and getting attention, why can’t I”. Kinda like I did when I was a child and my own brother, whom has a learning disability, got so much of my mother’s attention.
While it is hard for the parents of the child, it is just as hard for the siblings. They don’t fully comprehend as young children why their sibling gets so much attention when they are “acting badly”. Sometimes we do forget, It’s not just the parents that need a pat, but the siblings need hugs as well for being there with just as much love and acceptance, and occasionally helping care for, the special children that enter our lives and family to bless us.
Don’t get me wrong, every child is a blessing. Every child blesses us immeasurably. But not every parent is tested in the same way because each child is different, regardless of needs.

This blog reminded me of having to find a way to keep my child within the house, so he didn’t run down the street, or highway because one runs near the house. It mentions the problems with getting their son to eat certain foods, mine could easily live on ensure as well… and wont touch meat, only eats certain things (mainly dairy till we found out he had a dairy allergy and that started a new battle of finding something he could eat that mimicked his dairy fav’s). I’m lucky he eats some other stuff so that he’s growing OK and not unhealthy.
It reminds me of how he refuses to wear certain clothes.. He wont wear short-sleeved shirts, even in the dead of summer ( and we live in a desert with triple digits ). He sleeps maybe 4 hours a night, 5 if I’m lucky. He’s an ever-ready battery, going, going. going constantly. He has no fear, which causes me massive amounts of fear at times.
He is a handful, and I love him with all I am. He is my son and even with all of the things I have had to change to keep him safe, I wouldn’t change him.

Raising 5 Kids With Disabilities and Remaining Sane Blog


Parents of children with autism will never tell you that raising their child is easy…it’s not! I joke around, look for the silver lining, take things in stride, and present a smiley face to the world. However, raising my son, Steven, has been, and continues to be, an extremely difficult parenting challenge.

Memories of how hard it has been flooded back to me when my hubby and I went away for a romantic weekend at our little cabin in the woods of New Hampshire. With the sub zero weather whirling around outside, we were sitting on the couch sipping hot chocolate with lots of tiny, melting marshmallows. (Okay, maybe HE had some Kailua in his, but mine really DID just have marshmallows!) As the heat rose up from the small grate on the floor, I was transported back to the time when we first purchased the cabin. Because Steven had…

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Adventures in Mommy-Land

In August my youngest son was diagnosed with a dairy allergy. I confess that driving away from the doctor’s office I broke down and had to bite my lip to gain control back while driving in that wonderful city traffic.

I’m not sure why I did, other than it was the latest “straw” on this camel’s back in a very large stack, but I basically lost it as images and questions flooded my mind about how I was going to basically have to find a way to simulate his daily diet, which consists of basically ALL dairy, with non-dairy substitutes.
No, seriously, this child LOVES dairy. He thrives on yogurt, cottage cheese, Mac & Cheese, grilled cheese sandwiches, cheese pizza, excreta… you get the picture.

So how do you deal with this??? Well, after gaining composure I turned to my mom and asked her “What do I do?” and my brother, in the back seat, reached up and squeezed my shoulder and said it would all be ok. Turns out he was right and my mother was right when she said, “Your smart and you’ll figure it out and find a way. This isn’t the end of the world and you do have options now that weren’t available before. They make dairy substitutes in everything and we’ll just find ones he’ll eat.” I have an awesome Mom.

And that’s what we did. I went and talked to my cousins whom have children, or they themselves, suffer from dairy allergies, and other food allergies, what they suggested. 🙂 AWESOME family I have. So many suggestions and helpful hints were given as well as sites to check out.

My son’s birthday was in December and I about freaked when I remembered… Ice cream is made with milk… WHAT DO I DO NOW????? I’ve tried all the other things… the frozen blended fruit, nope wont touch it… So I did searches and Hello 🙂 I now love Italian Ice, as does my dairy-allergy child 🙂 Can anyone think of a  better excuse to go get a cup?

For Christmas my other son, sweetheart and professional TV ad shopper, convinced my Mom to get me a Desert Bullet. 😉 I’ve been playing with these recipes since I got it and boy do I love mine. The kids get a kick out of helping and occasionally I can get my youngest to eat his “ice-cream”. There are so many and they even have a blog with tons more 🙂

So while I sit and run through all the mess and stress of dealing with this new thing, and trying to convince my son’s father that he CAN NOT have dairy, and WHY it’s a BAD thing to keep doing, and that the extra cost of buying cheese made from rice milk outweighs the other stuff…. I’m thankful.
Why am I thankful? Because I have an awesome support base to fall back on and I know that no matter what, I can talk to them and they will have ideas or thoughts that can help me get through it, and remind me that orange is not my color.

( I started this back in August 2013 but couldn’t finish it, then forgot about it until now. Don’t you just love how life keeps you busy? 😉  )

Nightmares in Parentville

Nightmares in Parentville


Back to School Days & Nights

So it’s that time of year again and while some schools are already back in session others are just starting or getting ready to, while others are still a distance away.

This time of year is every parents nightmare, esp for those that are wondering just how they are going to shake off the “Summer” routines and start-up the “strict bedtimes and get to school on time” routines.

While browsing a few of my favorite sites and some blogs I found a few great suggestions and these two stood out the best for me. They are from a blog site for one of my favorite children’s toy makers Melissa and Doug.

The first blog deals with just establishing a bedtime routine, and while it mainly is talking about a bedtime routine for a young child (think toddler to Kindergarten) it is a great idea for all ages. Bedtime routines are a great habit to get into and definitely help with the de-stressing of the day’s activities and help start off the mornings better due to a fuller nights rest.

The second blog is basically just telling you to take small steps into establishing a deeper relationship between the parent and the child(ren). The mother calls it her “parenting secret weapon“. This is her ABC’s for a Successful Back to School Routine.


I hope that these blogs help you journey through this time while retaining some sanity, if nothing else, they both give wonderful suggestions.

Enjoy and Blessings on your journey.