Ya-Ya’s Intro

Greetings and Welcome to my page. You have found yourself at a place where I will try to answer your questions and some of my own 😉 –

You may wonder how and why I chose the name Ya-Ya. Well this is the short version of it: When I was in HS a group of friends and I absolutely loved this one show called “The Sandlot”. There were about 4 or so of us and we took to calling ourselves by our favorite characters in the movie and my nickname was, you guessed it, Ya-ya.

As to why I put “musings” on the end of it well… I like to ponder a bit and think a lot, and my friends tend to ask for advice, as well as others too, so I decided to do this blog and see what happens.  🙂

So that is the long and the short of how I chose my blog’s name.

Take care and Blessings to all,



P.S.  – If you choose to e-mail me, please put “Question for Ya-Ya”, or something similar, as the subject so that I’ll notice it right away and it won’t got to spam or get accidentally deleted.

Thank you again for following me, turning to me for advice or just wanting someone to listen to you. I love all of my followers and friends and hope that I can help, and/or inspire them to be whom they want to be.


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