What’s up with the Metallic Tattoos?

Well…. I’m hooked. IMG_2289

Who doesn’t love the sparkle and shine of anything metallic or blingy?






Before we drop down into the Tattoo Rabbit-Hole, why don’t we talk about what a tattoo is?

For some people it is a way of expressing themselves, of showing who they are in an outward display or appearance. For others, it is art.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a tattoo as:

an indelible mark or figure fixed upon the body by insertion of pigment under the skin or by production of scars

The definition only brings into thought the permanent tattoo, not the temporary tattoo. Which is interesting in and of it’s self as some people have an issue with temporary tattoos. They last, at most, 3 weeks.
I honestly don’t see the difference between a temporary tattoo for children and a sticker being put on a child’s hand… The kid enjoys it and it isn’t permanent.
But some people do. Some people consider it to be a desecration of the body, even at a child’s age.
My question to them is, “What’s the difference in a child, or adult, having a temporary tattoo or someone using make-up, coloring/dyeing their hair, manicures & pedicures?”
Some of that make-up lasts a lot longer, and is harder to remove, than a temporary tattoo. Same with hair dyes, nail polish, air-brushing, and face paint at the fair. Those things usually last longer than the temporary tattoo, unless you are talking about Henna… then it’s about even between the Henna and the nail polish… the hair dye still outlasts the Henna art.
No harm, no foul right?

Ok.. mini rant over… back to the discussion/opinion portion…

The difference between a permanent and temporary tattoo is explained within the name it’s self, one permanently inserting pigment under the skin (or by scaring/branding the skin), and the other being temporary… a stain on the skin, or placement of an image that basically amounts to a type of decorated adhesive.

For me, a tattoo is a way of expressing myself.

I only have one, but I have others I’m hoping to complete one day.

This one is a design that I had wanted forever and I was able to get my first tattoo in 2001. This is it.
A pearled Unicorn with Flames for mane, tail, forlock, and fetlocks.
Each part of that tattoo has meaning to me. It was planned and fussed over for a couple of years before I finally was happy with what I wanted, because I knew it was permanent and it was going to be with me forever.

Each one has a lot of meaning to me, and I’ve put a lot of thought into them. (I’m talking years.) I have plans for one for each of my best friends, for both of my sons, and for my mother who has passed.
I’ve also been in the planning phase for one that entitles all that I have been through, and reminds me that I’m still here. I lived through it and I made it.

There is also something to be said for Henna tattoos, and the bling of a Metallic Temporary Tattoo.13062617_688169127987629_244167328_o

This is a picture of both of my upper arms. One side has my Unicorn (he needs a serious touch up), and the other is a temporary Metallic Tattoo.
I decided that the puzzle pieces with the rocket & planet was perfect for April.
I want something along this line permanently for my youngest son. He is on the Autism Spectrum and LOVES Space… and bugs… I can’t decide on what bug I’m going to do… His fav are ants and I’m not doing that. LOL

And now let’s talk a little about Henna Tattoos, before I get back to those brilliant metallic ones.

My eldest son and I went to a Pirate Festival in Las Vegas a couple of years ago. ( we haven’t been able to make it back since 😦 So sad about that)
And of course, EVERY PIRATE NEEDS A TATTOO!!!! These are ours:

Mine is the beautiful flowers and vine design. I added a picture of what it looked like after the pretty colors wore off and I was left with just the henna.
My eldest son had to have a Punisher skull. (Boys…. ) His stayed green until the very bitter end. I love that they were able to do that for him.

Now, back to my Henna…
This is something I LOVE! A vine & flower design on my hands and wrist has appeared on my body more than once growing up. Constantly changing, and sometimes it was permanent marker or ink pens.
Henna allows me that constant change and fulfills my desire to have some kind of art to always be with me.
It truly makes me happy to catch a glimpse of bling/design on my hands or wrist…. and on my feet.

I LOVE geometric designs on my feet and wrapping around my ankles.
I buy jewelry just to satisfy this need when I can’t have a temporary tattoo.

Now… Let’s talk about those lovely bright metallic ones that keep popping up in my pictures.
I received the TribeTats Flash Yoga Metallic Tattoos at a discount to review, as well as the remover for them. I bought the Henna Metallic Flash Temporary Tattoos because…. I loved the images. 😉
Here is a what the TribeTats look like when you’re applying them:

They have perforated edges so you can just tear out the ones you want and apply them. No scissors required! LOVE THAT!!!
The pack also includes a “Cheat Sheet” telling you about the geometric images and what Chakras mean in the Buddhist religion.
Always be prepared to learn something new every day!

Here is an image of the Henna Metallic Temporary Tattoos:

I’m afraid that most of the images with these Temporary Tattoos have already been shared…
As you can see these have to be cut out, and you can see where I cut out the ones I put on my feet.
The large V is on my eldest’s lower arm.
🙂 My kids are into the bling and fun as well!


Now the lasting time of these tattoos varies just alittle. The TribeTats last around 3 weeks, IF they are properly applied and in an area that is not constantly being subject to water, soap, and scrubbing (like how I put them on my wrist, back of hand, and finger). Then they may last around 3-5 days.
The pack contains 4 pages, easy to follow directions, and just some truly BEAUTIFUL designs that everyone will love!
My youngest wears 2 elephants, silver & gold, and an armband of silver & gold hearts around both wrists. So cute!

The Henna Metallic Temporary Tattoos last about a week to 2 weeks.
Again. This all depends on you properly applying them!
This pack contains 6 sheets of wonderful designs that remind me of jewelry.
Trust me… my feet have been loving it, as well as my arms & wrists.
My eldest LOVES a lot of the designs because he can infer references from the of his favorite book series: The Ranger’s Apprentice. 

Both of them are easy to remove. You can either use the TribeTat’s Flash Tattoo Remover, or some baby oil, or rubbing alcohol. Just be sure to rub gently over the tattoo until it is gone.
Or you can do what my kids do, let them slowly come off as the days go by and the daily showers and hand washing do their job. 😉
(That’s the best option in my honest opinion)

So to answer the question posed at the begining…
They are AWESOME! I love Metallic Temporary Tattoos! They are great for adults and kids that just want a little something, but don’t want it to last forever.

I’ve listed so many Pro’s and a couple of Con’s throughout that I’m not going to bother doing it again.
The Quality of all of the Temp Tats is great for what you’d expect. They are long lasting temporary tattoos, and worth every penny.
Go out and get some… You’ll love them too!

*Full Disclosure:
Two of the items mentioned were supplied to me at a reduced price by the seller to use and evaluate it for their customers. I was not told what to write, nor was I asked to give it a certain rating in my review, nor was I influenced by any party. I will not remove a negative review/blog post at the seller’s request if I feel that the item deserves it. I do, however, reserve the right to modify my review at any time, if during the use of the product the quality or usability changes. My words are my own and are based upon my personal experience with this item.

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