Review of Dazzling Toys’ Pizza Pie Party

The BEST feeling in the world, for me, has always been when my kids do something sweet for another person out of the blue.
So I was totally thrilled when my son came over to my desk today and set his pizza pie toy set down and said: “Pizza time Mom. Take a break.”

My son totally loves the Pizza Pie Party play set! I am so glad that I was able to get this toy set for him.

We’ve had this toy for a few days now (coming up on a week), and he truly enjoys pretending to serve everyone (family & visitors alike) pizza and drinks. We’ll see if my great-nephews will enjoy their’s as much as my son does his. 😉
Here’s a little info on this set according to the seller’s description on Amazon.


As you can see, the description leaves a little bit to wonder with the “more accessories and food”.
So…. I’m going to let you know what that is: 1 Pizza Pie = 6 pieces of pizza, 1 pizza pan, 1 pizza cutter, 1 serving spatula, 1 bread sticks box (cardboard), 2 drinks (cardboard), 1 cookie …. which altogether equals TONS of imaginative Fun!

This play set arrived in a well packed box from Amazon, and as you can see
13000434_684661981671677_265902567_oit is in a normal packaging for toys of this type.
A ‘simple to open’ box, ‘easy to get the toys out’ molded plastic, and a basic cardboard background the molded plastic is glued to.

All in all, it was what I expected for the overall packaging, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that there were no plastic/elastic ties to deal with when it came time to get the toys out for play.
(Seriously! I HATE those plastic ties when it comes to opening toy packages… I think they add them just to annoy the parents.)

The pizza slicer ‘cuts’ the pie into 6 pieces very easily, and the serving spatula easily picks up the pieces to the kids can enjoy a realistic setting.
Each item is easily held in a child’s hand and is not too bulky for younger children, nor to small for older children that would play with this type of toy.
In my opinion, this pizza toy play set is very easy to use and safe for young children of 3, and older.

I highly recommend this set if your little one(s) enjoy pretend cooking/play.


*Full Disclosure: This item was supplied to me at a reduced price by the seller in exchange for my honest and truthful review. I am not told what to write, nor will I remove a negative review/remark/rating if that is what I feel the product deserves. My words are my own, and this review is based upon my personal experience with this item.

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