The Four Doves

Whilst walking in the stormy way
I looked up and saw four doves
A day short of Mother’s Day

They lit upon the wire
Strung between the poles
They sat and returned my stare

It’s been so long since I saw a dove
And here were four
Highlighted against the bleak rolling gray
By a ray of light
As though a hole ‘twas ripped in the sky

My heart began to ache
Four loved ones gone
My sweet loving Grandpa
A true Cowboy now in Heaven
One dove flew away.

A sob caught in my throat
My wonderful Aunt
A second mother to all her nieces and nephews
Now spends her days with the baby she never got to raise
The second Dove took flight.

Tears began to fall from my eyes,
The sky let a soft mist
My Mother and Father now in my mind’s eye
“I love you and miss you”
The third Dove took wing.

“I miss you so much Mom”
So many times I want to talk
Her voice, captured on a disk
It’s not the same
“Mom, I love you. I know you’re there.
Watching over us.”
The last Dove lifted in the air,
Hovered but didn’t take off.

“Happy Mother’s Day, Mom”
The Fourth Dove turned and circled above,
Then took off towards the others in a tree.
All four in flight,
Following the light.
Four Doves,
Watching over me.

By: E. Steele
© 5/9/2015


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