What could diet pills cost you?

I read an article in Yahoo! Health this afternoon that saddened me. It is an article about a young woman that took ‘slimming pills’ that she bought on-line. They contain a lethal substance, DNP, that does cause you to loose weight, BUT at the cost of your life.

“According to reports, more than 60 people worldwide have died from taking DNP, but the ingredient continues to show up in some diet pills.”

I am truly saddened by this beautiful young woman’s death. I feel sorrow for her mother, and that she should have to bury her child at such a young age. It is not something any parent of any age should have to do.

Her death is a loss not only to her family, friends, and loved ones, but it is also humanity’s loss as well. There is no telling what impact she could have had on all of our lives, but there is definitely an impact on our lives by her death. With these thoughts in mind I have two statements I’d like to make.

Firstly, I can see no reason why this beautiful girl ever thought she needed a diuretic/weight-loss supplement/slimming pill.
I hate how society has become about body shapes.
Sure, there are a lot of us that are at an unhealthy weight, but that’s still no reason to buy a pill. It definitely isn’t a reason for someone at their perfect weight, or maybe a little over, to buy one.

Secondly, there is no “quick fix” to loosing weight.
Believe me, I’ve tried more ‘diets’ than I can remember. It all comes down to body chemistry and, with a doctor, figuring out what works best with your chemical make-up.
Eating less and exercising more, and/or popping a pill is for sure NOT the way to do it.
Counting calories can be just as harmful to your body’s chemical make-up as popping one of those pills as well. ALWAYS, I can not stress this enough, ALWAYS, consult a doctor and/or a dietitian/nutritionist before starting a “diet” of any kind.

Blessings to All,


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