I LOVE Happify!

No, seriously, I do. I just started a new track on Happify, Part 2: Examine Your Negative Thinking – “Conquer Your Negative Thoughts”, and one of my first activities was in the “Savor” category. It’s a game called “Negative Knockout”.

I lost this game of 'Negative Knockout', but I'll be back soon. ;) What would your "Negativities" be?

I lost this game of ‘Negative Knockout’, but I’ll be back soon. 😉 What would your “Negativities” be?

The first thing you do is choose a level, I chose ‘Battle at Stormy Meadows”. Then, you select 3 to 5 thoughts/worries that are troubling you, you can even write your own if you don’t like the options. Finally you use the happiness skill balls to take aim at those negatives and destroy them, leaving the meadow bright and cheery. (The game is kind of set up like “Angry Birds”, and I’m not very good at it. lol)

I chose Doubt, Sadness, Fatigue, Anxiety, and Disappointment for my first time with this activity. It’s fun and I do enjoy seeing my “negatives” go poof. 😉
Oddly enough, when you’ve made it through a few levels, and then you just can’t get that last Negative to go poof for the win….. I felt down. But, don’t despair, they give you another chance… You just have to be a better shot than me. lol

All in all though, It’s a fun game that actually can help you feel a little more in control of, empowered with, your worries and negative thoughts. I urge you to check out Happify and try a track. Play the games, and do the writing. You’ll be amazed at what one little thing each day can do to lift you up. And,Yes!!! There is an App for that too!

Blessings and Love my Dears 🙂


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