Focus on the Good, Leave the Stress behind

Stress is a very common thing in our day to day lives, but when it becomes over-whelming or fills our lives in at a constant high level it becomes dangerous and often times, deadly.
When we can gleam a little off it does more good than we truly know, and it can oft’ times enable us to rid ourselves of an even more potent source of stress, “stressing about being stressed”.

The current track I’m on with Happify is Part 2: Focus on What Matters (Cope Better With Stress). I was given the assignment of writing about three things that I don’t have to worry about for the time-being, something as small as no-one is currently sick in my family to something as large as not being in a bad relationship anymore.  That gives you a lot of choices, and it can be amazing just how hard it is to list three things when you’re in a low spot.

Here are my three things –

  1. The first thing that helped to brighten my day was when the stress of not having my youngest son’s schoolbooks was relieved. School had already started and we didn’t have his books yet. I was very stressed out about it and feeling excessively anxious about not being able to do all of his classes because of lack of material. I wasn’t sleeping right and feeling like everything was falling down around me, that I couldn’t do this, that I was going to fail my son, and numerous other things. I was having mini anxiety attacks all day and unable to truly function. Seeing the UPS boxes finally arrive was a wonderful surprise that brightened my day.
  2. The second thing was that my brother is around and that when I feel I’m crumbling apart he always has a hug for me. It’s not something huge, but it’s a small gesture that means the world to me. It helps me know I’m not alone in this. We seem to forget just how important those small things are until we no longer have them, or they are the only thing that helps us stay going for just a little be longer.
  3. The last thing was a pleasant surprise and not exactly one thing. This year my eldest son has two classes that will be taught by separate teachers, and that takes a big load off my shoulders. The other part was how receptive my youngest is to all his classes, except History… not enough to fully engage him I guess. He LOVES sitting down in his desk and having his own school work, especially talking to his teacher online, or playing games for math. Those two things were truly a wonderfully pleasant surprise.

It’s amazing just how much of a load that takes off ones shoulders, to realize and count just three things you no longer have to stress, or worry about right now. They may come back later, but that’s tomorrow’s problem.
So what are three things you don’t have to worry about for the time-being?

~Blessings and Love, My Dears~


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