Nightmares in Parentville

Nightmares in Parentville


Back to School Days & Nights

So it’s that time of year again and while some schools are already back in session others are just starting or getting ready to, while others are still a distance away.

This time of year is every parents nightmare, esp for those that are wondering just how they are going to shake off the “Summer” routines and start-up the “strict bedtimes and get to school on time” routines.

While browsing a few of my favorite sites and some blogs I found a few great suggestions and these two stood out the best for me. They are from a blog site for one of my favorite children’s toy makers Melissa and Doug.

The first blog deals with just establishing a bedtime routine, and while it mainly is talking about a bedtime routine for a young child (think toddler to Kindergarten) it is a great idea for all ages. Bedtime routines are a great habit to get into and definitely help with the de-stressing of the day’s activities and help start off the mornings better due to a fuller nights rest.

The second blog is basically just telling you to take small steps into establishing a deeper relationship between the parent and the child(ren). The mother calls it her “parenting secret weapon“. This is her ABC’s for a Successful Back to School Routine.


I hope that these blogs help you journey through this time while retaining some sanity, if nothing else, they both give wonderful suggestions.

Enjoy and Blessings on your journey.




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